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Indian Rosewood Electric Guitar

Indian Rosewood Electric Guitar

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The aim of this project was to make an electric guitar that addresses issues which effect sound and playability of the instrument and also its life span. Thus, in turn making a smooth playing, warm and rich sounding guitar suitable for rock genre. The key to a good music instrument is to achieve good sound output. Visual appearance comes later after touch and feel of instrument but sound should be the foremost priority. This is a careful study of traditional and contemporary luthiery practices that helped me make a guitar serving to a particular taste. Most of the work went into experimenting ways in which one can work on senses other than vision, like touch of guitar, sound of guitar, even smell of guitar (the scent of rosewood gave it a particular vibe that is unique to this guitar). This project helped me tackle kind of problems that were very new to me. I was forced to tackle problems in an environment of limited resources. Cost also played a major role in defining my techniques and I learnt about cost management also. Apart from that I acquired several new skills of woodworking and learnt a lot about wood as a material and how it can be used in design. I learnt working with abstract forms, boundaries etc. in aesthetics and how these elements can work together and emote a particular taste. I see this as an opportunity to work with local craftsmen of my area to produce a high value product such as this guitar, which requires high precision while manufacturing, knowledge of acoustics and wood. Apart from this, rosewood is exclusively found in India and is of high value abroad. Guitars made up of rosewood could bring huge profits to the country at the same time make a name for the country in terms of it producing a high quality precision instrument. Electric guitars are one instrument that are in huge demand everywhere in the world due to their influence in rock culture. To know more about the project. Go to

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 41.50x15.00x4.75 Inch


  • Bone Carving,Rosewood,Wooden ,Wood carving,Wooden Handicrafts


  • Wood


  • Handmade ,Wood and Metal work,Hand Work,Handcrafted

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Priyank Sagar

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