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Handwoven Kitchen Storage Basket

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Handwoven Kitchen Storage Basket with Lid & Lock Organizer New Feature: with Lid/Lock Material: willow Product Features: Willow storage baskets for potatoes or onions to ensure you get 'first come, first served'. Om Handicrafts We Made this Potato Storage Cane Basket Willow baskets look so attractive in a kitchen or pantry, and they do a super job of storing your veg. Traditional and rustic, the weave allows food to breathe whilst stopping it rolling around, as well as avoiding light exposure which accelerates rotting and greening. With a lip at the bottom for 'first-come, first-served' easy retrieval, they make a lovely yet practical addition to your home.


  • Basketry


  • Bamboo/Cane


  • Hand spun, hand woven

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  • Digital Product

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Om Handicraftsz
Om Handicraftsz
Om Handicraftsz are made Kashmir Handicraft Basket, Wicker Basket, Kashmiri Cane, Malaysian Cane, Indonesian cane Rattan Serving Tray, Bowl, Box, Bags, Seagrass Bags, Palm Leaf Bags, MDF Box & Basket, Bamboo Basket, Date Leaf Baskets, Palm Leaf Baskets, Picnic Basket, Laundry Basket, Bread Basket, Display Basket, Baby Basket, Pet & Cat Bed Basket, Lampshades, Flower Pot, Planter Basket, Kitchen Basket, Gift Baskets & Decor Wedding Baskets Manufacturers and Wholesaler In Delhi.

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