Slim Wallet - Black White -

Slim Wallet - Black White

8,936 (Incl. of all taxes)

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Within Toraja (a city in South Sulawesi, Indonesia), lies the cultural heritage of creating handwoven textiles by backstrap loom weaving, called Tenun. The wallet is made from the Tenun motif called Mata pa’. Its name derives from the word “Pa”, which means chisel. So, the word Mata pa’ becomes the edge of the chisel, which is why the pattern of this motif has square shapes. Weavers created this motif with the colour palette inspired by summer and winter.


Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 11.00x21.00x2.00 Centimeter

About the seller

Vision Alleviation of systemic poverty by creating a sustainable ecosystem for women artisans. Mission Collaborate with women led weaving communities and offer market access sustainably via 3Cs – Commerce, Community collaboration, and Consultancy. Our Values Collaborate with Community, Uphold Quality, Practice Integrity, Take actions with a Purpose and Believe in Compassion.

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