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Ajrakh Block print fabric (double sided)

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Ajrak is a block-printed textile that is resist-dyed using natural dyes, including indigo and madder. It is made in Kutch, Gujarat and is distinguished by its color- blue with red — and its complex geometric & floral patterns. It's name is derived from 'azarak', which means 'blue' in Arabic & Persian. We give you a hand-printed fabric of dimensions 284.5x254 cms (length x breadth). The versatility of the the print, colors and natural motifs employed lead to the fabric suitability to be used for a number of purposes. You can get these tailored to add on into your wardrobe or use them in you home's interior décor. Get yourself one these traditional double sided block printed Ajrakh fabric, and flaunt your culture with pride.

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 254.00x0.00x284.50 Centimeter


  • Ajrakh Printing,Block Printing


  • Fabric,Textile & Natural Dyes


  • Block Printing

About the seller

Khalid Khatri
Artmin- My art is my identity
Khalid Khatri resides in the village of Ajrakhpur, about 15 km from Bhuj in Gujarat. At 27, he is a recognised talent and nonconformist in the respected Khatri community – which is best known for its indigo-and-madder block printed cloth, Ajrakh. Khalid infuses asymmetry into block printing — an art form that is traditionally and fundamentally symmetric. This decision might appear simple, but coupled with his approach it is enough for those in his village to affectionately call him ‘the crazy one’. Khalid was not interested in the boring lessons of school, so after seventh grade, he went to Mumbai to work as a salesman. But the work was hard and the salary was low, so he returned to Kutch and began working with his uncle in their traditional block printing. Observing and seeking guidance, within three years, he understood most aspects of Block Printing. A good artisan, in Khalid’s view, should know everything, from making blocks to creating designs. He says he is an...

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