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Leather Toe Sandals with Mashru Fabric & Torni (green)

Leather Toe Sandals with Mashru Fabric & Torni (green)

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Mashru is a vibrant and sleek fabric, and often called the master of satin finishes. The word means 'Permitted' in Arabic, while the Sanskrit translation, 'Misru' means 'Mixed'. This leather footwear has a belt of Mashru fabric which enhances its beauty and intricacy. It also has the Torni work technique used to embellish its borders, the coarse yarns are used to create colorful patterns on the borders of the leather. It is available in sizes 5-6-7-8-9-10 of UK/IND and comes in colors such as black, maroon, pink, yellow, bleak, red, brown, blue, red, & green. With the touch of each artisans hand and skill, time and energy devoted by them, we give you a footwear that your wardrobe seeks! Add them to your collection and flaunt your culture with pride. Note: the leather & fabric colors will be as shown in the image, but the print on the fabric may vary.


  • Carving,Leather,Kutch Hand Embroidery


  • Leather,Fabric,Beads,Thread


  • Applique,Carving,Leather Craft,Hand embroidered

About the seller

Umra Lakha Marwada
Sanjot Handicrafts
Our craft of leather work is more than 10 generations old. Traditionally we used to make beautiful leather work for the local pastoral and farming communities. But as the locals moved to factory made goods the craft went in search of new modern markets. I started this craft shop to keep the rich heritage of this craft alive. I try to combine the traditional craftsmanship with modern design aesthetics to create a beautiful experience with my products. The leather product range includes bags, wallet, purses, laptop bags, footwear, etc. Each product is handmade and has devoted to it our skill, care and time. We are open for design collaborations and customized orders.

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