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In today’s era of online meetings, we would want our walls to look aesthetic and pleasing to the person behind the screens, what will be more attractive than a set of beautiful and trendy plates on the walls and beautifying it. Owning a relic that can beautify our homes having the freshness of today yet carrying the memories of the past gives a sense of gratification. The collection Abi (Persian for blue) in Amalgamation of both- the past and the present. This collection was created by taking inspiration from the antique pottery pieces preserved in the National Museum of Delhi. The Art of Pottery already prevalent in the ancient times of Harappa had alluring motifs inscribed on them. The motif depicted the objects or creatures the Harappan man saw in his day-to-day life; e.g., fishes, arrows, shells, and horns. The civilization leading their lives near a water source that appeared blue under the sky gave me an idea to use the vibrant and classy colors from Blue Pottery as the focal point of my collection. The production of these plates is very viable as the artisans are quite skilled and the process will also be the same as in blue pottery. The motifs have been simplified so as to provide ease in construction and a faster rate of production. In addition to this, the fresh designs will provide upliftment and will empower the artisans. Blue pottery is usually linked with tiles, vases, pots, and other such rotund objects. Platters will give a newer perspective to the area of production, furthermore, there will be ease of packaging as stackable and save much space. The blue pottery dish set is designed by amalgamating motifs from the Harappan civilization with Blue Pottery. The vibrant Cobalt Blue color in the pottery beautifully complements the rustic Harappan motifs giving it a very contemporary look and a sight to behold on your dinner table.



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