The Woven Chant coordinated home decor sets -

The Woven Chant coordinated home decor sets

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'Woven Chant' is the outcome of an experiential and experimental revival of the untouched traditional Kinnauri Shawl Weaving Craft of Kinnaur, India. The endeavour to translate and transfer the meditative experience of Kinnauri weaving to the wearer, exactly as sensed by the weaver, will help in creating an engaging consumer experience specific to the craft and also boost its recall value. The spiritual calmness endowed by the Buddhist influence on this craft is sure to attract numerous patrons in today's mentally tumultuous times. Acting as catalysts on the journey from thought to stillness, not only is the visual design of these pieces holistically worked on but their making is also sustainable and authentic. Enriched with the time, skill and emotions put in by the craftsman, the final pieces redefine luxury in the times to come, contradicting today's brand-conscious notions of the same.



  • Kullu shawls


  • Wool,Pure Linen,Sheep Wool


  • Shuttle Loom Weave

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  • Digital Product

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Pooja Jain

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