Little creature who run the world -

Little creature who run the world

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This is a bhon. It is an ant-dwelling. When pralay (catastrophe) arrives, everything will be submerged and all the plants will be washed away. Then we will have to go to the ants as they have stored the seeds of all the plants in their bhon. The ants will help us farm and resume our lives. Our lives cannot be painted without the lives of animals, trees and insects. Our Warli artist Anil Wangad wonders how beautiful it would be if the ants way of life could be extended to our way of life too.

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  • 10.50x6.50x9.00 Inch

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Yosha Gupta
Meraki Retail and Tech Pvt Ltd.

Meraki is the manufacturer of leather Bags.

Buying Art till now has somehow had such an inaccessible air about it, so Meraki started that you need every day which is, of course, your bag! No better way of making art more accessible.Meraki experimented with a lot of materials and nothing looked quite as beautiful as art on leather.
Meraki offers Latest trend of Leather bags.
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