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Handcrafted lac color Eri Silk Stole

8,725 (Incl. of all taxes)

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A product of the rich and varied ethno-cultural weaving traditions of Assam in North East India. Eri is an integral part of the Assamese culture is also known as “Ahimsa” silk because it is a vegan silk, i.e., the silk worms are not killed in the process of the preparation of the yarn. It is dyed in Natural extract obtained from lac and other natural off white extracts. Lac dye is a deep red colorant extracted from the crude shellac resin excreted by the lac insect, Laccifer lacca (formerly Coccus lacca ), indigenous to southeast Asia.

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 200.00x66.04x0.00 Centimeter


  • Eri silk spinning


  • Silk


  • Handcrafted

About the seller

Anannya Sharma

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