Body Oil- Himalayan Cedarwood -

Body Oil- Himalayan Cedarwood

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This blend of coldpressed and unrefined natural Himalayan oils hydrates and detoxifies the skin along with imparting therapeutic benefits. While the base oils ensure complete nourishment for all skin types, Himalayan cedarwood essential oil provides additional hydration and inhibits wrinkle formation. Therefore, regular use of the Body Oil tones muscles and firms skin. Moreover, grapefruit essential oil helps remove toxins and offer relief to overstrained muscles. Ingredients: Organic and unrefined oils of apricot kernel, almond and sesame oil and essential oils of Himalayan cedarwood and grapefruit. Directions: Prepare yourself for the day-long grind by applying a small amount of oil on your entire body after bath while its still damp. It leaves no greasy residue and is in fact, readily absorbed by the skin. Alternatively, use the oil before bath for a deep rejuvenating experience.


About the seller

Madhavi Saxena
Vedic Tattva
About Us Vedic Tattva works with 100% natural and organic ingredients to consciously handcraft its personal-care range which is inspired by Ayurveda. Abiding to the recipe and ideology within the ancient Indian scripture, allows us to facilitate and promulgate a conscious lifestyle. Various natural herbs, therapies and diets recommended within the 6000 year old natural healing system of Ayurveda work cohesively to offer a holistic personal-care solution. The plethora of modern mass produced skincare products which are available in the market makes it necessary to revive and remind people of the incredible power of our traditional formulations. At Vedic Tattva, we source all our ingredients directly from farmers practising chemical-free and ethical farming and prepare all products in small batches by hand. Having them handcrafted ensures their freshness and our complete control on the preparation. Moreover, this also allows us to practice caution with regards to wastage. By not...

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