Vijay Shyam Tribal Gond Painting- Tiger Hunt -

Vijay Shyam Tribal Gond Painting- Tiger Hunt

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Painted Stories’ is what the tribal art form of the Pardhan Gond’s is popularly known as. Originally painted as symbols of good fortune on the walls of the Gond dwellings, this fabulous art-form has now found a unique contemporary expression in brilliant acrylic hues on paper and canvas.It is fascinating to see that every artist has a unique pattern of dots and dashes and has an explanation as to why they choose such a pattern. These intricate patterns include forms like ants, trident, peacock feather, rope, water ripples, tiger ripples etc. In fact, these patterns are essentially a signature of the Gond artist, which enables the patron to identify the artist by merely looking at the pattern.This painting is made by Gond Artist Vijay Shyam and it features the story of Tiger hunt. Tiger, who is considered as a strong and powerful animal across all the animals and birds in the jungle , can be seen poucing upon a deer, while others are running away with head over heels in order to save their lives. 

Material- Canvas,Fabric color

Art/Craft/Technique- Gond painting

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 24.00x30.00x0.00 Inch

About the seller

Vijay Shyam
Vijay shyam Artist

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