Vijay shyam Tribal Gond painting -

Vijay shyam Tribal Gond painting

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‘Painted Stories’ is what the tribal art form of the Pardhan Gond’s is popularly known as. Originally painted as symbols of good fortune on the walls of the Gond dwellings, this fabulous art-form has now found a unique contemporary expression in brilliant acrylic hues on paper and canvas.According to Gondi folklore, God resolved to create the universe in all of fourteen days. Over the first seven days, he fashioned the earth below and the skies above, and colonized the space between them with all the creatures, plants and beings we see today. God desired that the universe be a place of beauty and grace, and so decided to spend the next seven days crafting a masterpiece creation of unsurpassable majesty, which we now know as Peacock. This painting shows vivid representation of peacocks,reindeers and an elephant. As told by the Gond Artist, Vijay Shyam, this painting has a story attached to it. Here the peacock is trying to swipe away the dirt and tini insects from the elephant's back while they are surrounded by peacocks and deers.

Material- Canvas,Fabric color

Art/Craft/Technique- Gond painting

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 24.00x30.00x0.00 Inch

About the seller

Vijay Shyam
Vijay shyam Artist

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