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The Coin Kit

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The Coin Kit is a product of Cultre, a creative and cultural enterprise that is incubated at IIT-Kanpur and IIM Lucknow. This is a hands-on experiential kit that has been created for any and all enthusiasts aged 8+. The Coin CultreBOX is an attempt to not only educate, but also entertain. With this kit, you can set off on an archaeological adventure, right from your homes. The kit has been designed and developed in close collaboration with domain experts. There is an illustrated information booklet which will tell you about the history and evolution of Indian coins, right from times when beads and cowrie shells were used as money, to the advent of punch-marked or Aahat coins, and down to the present day forms of currency. Contained in the box is a digging brick that hides within itself some punch-marked coin samples, as well as some examples of ancient currency types. Use the digging tools and implements provided to dig deep and uncover the precious coin treasure! The CultreBOX also helps develop cognitive skills such as attention, imagination, working memory, concentration and interpretation. • STEP INTO THE WORLD OF NUMISMATICS & ARCHAEOLOGY: With the CultreBOX Coin Kit, you get a chance to learn all about numismatics as well as trace the historical journey of coinage in India. In addition, you will also have first-hand experience of an archaeological excavation, digging up your own punch-marked coins and other exciting forms of ancient currency! • EXPERTISE: This children’s educational kit has been designed and developed with the support of, and incubation at, IIT-Kanpur and IIM Lucknow. It is built in collaboration with domain experts. • EASY & ENGAGING LEARNING: The Coin Kit comes with a brilliantly illustrated information booklet (which can also double up as a poster for your room) that will satisfy your child’s curiosity on how coinage began, what kind of currencies different dynasties introduced and will give them knowledge about punch-marked coins. Learn about coin designs and motifs, minting techniques and get acquainted with interesting facts about Indian coinage. And as the lead archaeologist in-charge of this dig, you get to unearth the coin treasure it holds! • START YOUR OWN COIN ASSEMBLAGE: Beyond just digging, players can also start their own coin collection — this could encourage a new hobby. • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: Give your child the gift of the CultreBOX, which provides them with an interesting activity to engage in, while allowing them a chance to hone their cognitive skills like attention, working memory, concentration and many others, without any added screen time. Order your CultreBOX now! 11.   Dimensions of the product: 14 x 5 x 14 cm (L x W x H), 0.45 kg 13.   Minimum order quantity: 1 14.   Product Category: Toys and Games, Educational Kit 15.   Craft: Metalworking 16.   Materials Description: Clay, Cocopeat, Brass, Wood 17.   Technique Description: Metalworking

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 14.00x5.00x14.00 Centimeter


  • Brass,Wood,Clay


  • Wood and Metal work

About the seller

Anjchita Nair
We, at Cultre, aim to create tangible products that bridge the understanding of India’s rich culture and heritage to the modern era. With the combined efforts of cultural institutions, historians, master craftsmen, product designers, and Cultre, comes the CultreBOX - all things culture, in a box. CultreBOX takes a multidisciplinary approach to heritage focusing on technology, material, and process. It presents advanced concepts in an engaging and experiential format

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