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Hand woven Kharad carpet

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- Woven in the " kharad " style of weave from Gujarat, the kharat carpet is a hand woven and hand spun carpet by Samt Tejsi, who belongs to one of the two families in the world who practice the craft. It is hand made out of sheep wool. - Kharad refers to carpet in Sindhi and its one of the lost and hidden crafts of India, that is upheld today by the artisan. Running to 8 inches of length, the kharad carpet can be customized in shapes and patterns as well. - A perfect addition to your house and indoors as a crafted work that comes out of the proud handmade movement of India. If you're an explorer of the crafts in India, kharad carpets can be an eloquent part of your journey!

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 4.00x6.00x0.00 Inch


  • Kharad Weaving


  • Sheep Wool


  • Hand spun, hand woven,Handcrafted

About the seller

Samt Tejsi
Tejsi Bhai Kharad Dhurrie and Mats
Tejsi Bhai's Kharad Dhurrie and Mats is an establishment run by Tejsi's family, a kharad weaver family in Kutch, Gujarat. The company owner is National award winner, one of the two families in the world to do this art. Kharad weaving is used to make carpets, runners etc, it was originally made of camel and goat hair wool. Samt Tejsi along with his father Tejsi bhai, is one of the only two weavers practicing the craft in the world. They make long lasting carpets, with over twenty years of experience, they are one of the treasured makers of the craft.

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