Samt Tejsi

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Samt Tejsi

Tejsi Bhai Kharad Dhurrie and Mats

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  • Experience26 Years
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  • Annual TurnoverLess than 10 Lac
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National Award winner, Samt Tejsi, belonging to the village of Sanjotnagar, near Bhuj in Kutch, in Gujarat is one of the only two weavers in the world who practice " kharad weaving " in the world. While we're all aware of major weaves that originate from Kutch, " Kharad " weaving might be the one that lost most of its vigor and voice over the years. Samt Tejsi, the son of Tejsi Bhai who practices the same craft says they were traditional farmers and breeders of cattle, sheep, goats and camels. " Kharad " that refers to carpets in Sindhi made out of camel hair and goat wool. These dhurries made by them are hand woven by using some of their most ancient hand looms. Samt says that each of the patterns in the dhurries have stories to tell and with his twenty six years of experience, Samt is proud to be one of the two people practicing the craft in the world, that has come to be his source more than just livelihood.

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Dhurrie weaving




Hand spun, hand woven


Dhurrie carpets

Carpets hand woven by employing " Kharad weaving " by one of the only two artisans who practice the craft in the world.

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