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Gond Painting

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Gond art can be described as " painted stories ", as the name Figuratively suggests, Gond art is a detailed folk art originating from central India. The art depicts folk culture and elements of folk tales in a fascinating manner that leaves the viewer with many interpretations! Made on canvas and fabric with strong acrylic colors, Gond paintings are entirely made with intricate dots and are perfect for any living room! If you're an explorer of folk art, this is a Mediocrity addition to your wall Size : 2x3

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 2.00x0.00x3.00 Feet


  • Gond Painting ,Gond Art


  • Canvas,Canvas and acrylic colours


  • Painting

About the seller

Mahesh Singh Shyam
Mahesh Singh Shyam
Mahesh Gond Arts is run by Mahesh Singh Shyam, with an experience of over 20 years, Mahesh shares an intimate and inspiring connection as an artist with his skill. Gond painting is a popular folk art of the ' Gond ' community belonging to central India, majorly in Madhya Pradesh. Gond paintings traditionally represent folk art including songs, dances and the rich culture that runs through their tribal community. Mahesh works on canvas and cloth mediums and uses acrylic paint and colors to paint! The paintings are connected flows and sketches of dots representing various forms of folk art.

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