pankh detachable dupatta -

pankh detachable dupatta

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Design philosophy of PANKH seeks inspiration from the variety that we seek in nature. Pankh as the name suggests is created with intense care and craftsmanship to provide you with its soothing touch in numerous ways. Allow the divine love of nature to kiss your skin every time the breeze plays along with the handwooven fabric of Chanderi silk. Drenched with the benefits of medicinal herbs and printed with hand-picked flower petals, Pankh holds the light to brighten up any look you might be planning to imbibe for the day. ATTRIBUTES Pankh can be detached just like segregating the petals of a soft flower and be worn as two individual stoles. You can wrap yourself around Pankh and wear it as dupatta or just add a bohemian touch to your look by styling it as an enticing Cape. THOUGHT BEHIND PANKH In Bageeya we come up with the best efforts to provide our consumers with beauty imbibed in variety. PANKH is one of a kind example based on this philosophy. Inculcating the 3 different varieties in one dupatta. It helps us to provide our consumers with nature inspired sustainable capsule wardrobe, without compromising on the design and styling quotient. FABRIC- Chanderi Silk NATURAL DYES-


  • Chanderi Silk


  • Dyeing

About the seller

Jigisha Shukla
Bageeya carries its meaning from Hindi vocabulary, translating to ‘a small garden’ - where the inspiration for material, print and texture comes from. The range of clothing takes birth from natural dyes, for centuries believed to have medicinal properties. The prints and textures on each article are uniquely formed using actual leaves and flowers. Restoring values - Being a Sustainable Label, we noted that following a sustainable lifestyle runs down the line of history where people would produce, reuse, mend and lend - both crops and products. From a time, when best efforts were put to give back what was taken from the surroundings. So the best way of living still would be to bring the past into a practice in present. Thus, Bageeya held hands with ways to promote sustainable fashion. Bageeya envisions to spread Sustainability with AFFORDABILITY and UTILITY in the mass that wants to bring a change in the pattern of fashion consumption. 

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