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Himalayan Rhododendron - Tulsi

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Ingredients : Dried Rhododendron Petals & Tulsi Description : Rhododendron (Buransh) - Tulsi Tea has a subtle flavour and aroma. Handpicked from wild and delicately dried to retain the curative properties. Rhododendron flowers and leaves are widely used in the Himalayas, to improve digestive health and to stimulate appetite and also good for heart. Tulsi relieves stress, has anti-cholesterol and anti-diabetic properties. Grown in Himalayan region, are far better than herbs grown in plains region on account of pollution free environment. Also, Himalayan soil is rich in minerals. These herbs are produced organically without using any chemicals and pesticides. As these are pure herbs without any tea leaves, these are caffeine-free.

About the seller

Gaurav Agarwal
kartavya Karma
Pahari Haat is an initiative of women empowerment programme launched by Kartavya Karma Trust. Under the project Udyogini, our women's empowerment collection is the most prestigious selection of artisan products produced by women of hills in Uttarakhand. Each product is handcrafted by a hardworking woman who is able to live her dream of becoming self-reliant and supporting her family. From creation to shipping, these village women are playing a critical role in every step of the process while earning a fair wage and gaining employable skills for the future. Shop all your favourite handmade products treasures knowing that each purchase empowers a woman to use her artistic talents to provide for her family.

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