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Daruma doll

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This product is inspired named after an age old japaneese game, played with a daruma doll in five pieces, usually in the colors of the rainbow, from top to bottom: head — a man's face, blue, green, yellow, red. The game is played by using a small hammer to hit each of the colored pieces, from bottom to the top, without letting the pieces fall during the game. It is a game of balancing. In this particular doll, the two knobs are balanced without using a magnet. It is considered as a lucky charm.


  • Metalware


  • Iron


  • Handcrafted

About the seller

Rajendra Kumar Verma
Mukul Enterprises
Mukul Enterprises is made up of skilled artisans with a family history in metal craft. Based in the brass hub of India, Moradabad, Mukul Enterprises is one of the few brands to have given a traditional craft a unique spin.  Started over a decade ago, Mukul Enterprises has been creating a wide range of metalware with brass, aluminum and steel for various firms in the hospitality industry both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the brand now allows clients to decide how they want their product to look. The products are customizable, giving buyers numerous design options to choose from. The craft of metalware has been prevalent in India for over 600 years. It has also been the bread and butter of Director, Rajendra Verma's family for several generations.  At a young age, Rajendra's father introduced him to the world of metalware. I have a workshop where my skilled artisans craft my designs into reality. It is my passion to try and create new artforms and techniques. I...
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