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As the craft was initially done on shawls and now done on other developing products is tarnishing the image of the craft because of the fact that that it replaced with the machine embroidery. I want to bring back the clothing aesthetic back by making shirts embroidered in Toda which in turn will help in the revival of the craft. Another reason behind taking shirt is also linked to the fact that the embroidered shawls are worn by both men and women on every occasion and events being it formal or informal. Same is the case with shirt people wear it for their meetings, family gatherings, parties and even travel. Shirt is considered as a staple garment which is very much comfortable and adding embroidery will add an emotional aspect to it. Women will feel emotionally connected to the garment they are wearing and will also add an unique element to their basic shirt. The embroidery is beautiful and clean with no knots and threads hanging on both the sides, one of the shirt is reversible and the other one has a detachable panel which can even move to the back or you can remove it completely according to you mood and ensemble one is wearing. Thus a single shirt provides two options to the consumers. This makes the garment more versatile and best in the time of Covid-19 where people are facing so many issues. The categories chosen for the same are Work from home and Travel for work. As people are working via video calls, this will help in gaining popularity of the craft and the shirts as people have an eye for something unique and different. People will hopefully start travelling for work after the situation is under control and they always choose comfortable clothing when it comes to travelling. so whats better than a shirt which is not so ordinary. The fabric used is organic sustainable cotton and earthy tone palette as the tribe is closely connected to nature. My whole motive is to try and help the Toda women and also I feel this craft should be taught to more and more no. of people so that it lives forever.



  • Toda embroidery


  • Cotton,Linen Fabric,Wool,Thread


  • Embroidery

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Vidushi Singhal

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