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Plaster of Paris (pop) carving is an unusual and different approach of art. Basically stone, wood, marble are the most common forms of carving. I tried something different than the norms in terms of carving. Here, i have done pop carving. The inspiration behind making this was a flower i.e. Dahlia. The silhouette, curves and floral element, i tried to put all that in my product. So that it showcase a perfect blend of art and decor. The concept of flower directly comes from the Mandala art. As, mandala also uses a lot of floral patterns and practices. Mandala comes from Buddhism. In Buddhism, mandala is recognised as a symbol of meditation, peace and harmony, and is practiced for the purpose of spirituality. So do this piece of art do, to make feel calm whether in making of the the product or the purpose of it. The smooth creamy surface and the ease to do the carving. Buddhism purely concentrates on heal and happiness, so do the product. The making of this product includes casting of POP followed by giving a perfect shape and then the carving part with the help of carving tools. The material i have chosen POP is just because i focus more in terms of sustainability and the environment. The product i have named it "ZIBO", "ZI" derived from the zen of Buddhism and " BO" from Buddhism. This piece of art can be used as decoration purpose as well as gifting.

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 12.00x8.00x8.00 Inch


  • Carving,Miniature painting,Madhubani painting,Pithora painting,Sikki craft,Soapstone carving,Soft stone carving,Stone carving,Paper mache


  • Plaster of Paris,Bamboo/Cane,Stone,Wood,Sandalwood,Bamboo/Cane,Leather,Metal,Copper,Jute, Paper,Stone,Wood


  • Carving,Casting,Embossing,Embroidery,Engraving,Embossing,Engraving,Forging,Moulding,Painting,Sewing,Block Printing,wood carving,Lost Wax

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