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The Product we have chosen is the indoor board game knows as ‘’Jenga’’ in the category of gifting and packaging. The idea of sending gifts has become another trend in this pandemic, it makes us feel the proximity that we cannot achieve which we were used to. A gift like this game can be sent with or without any occasion, since everyone has shifted their time and presence to home-friendly activities, Jenga is a great way to spend time indoor with friends and family. We decided to paint the pieces with the Pithora painting craft which is practiced by various communities from Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. It is a step forward to uplift the craft in order to let people know and let them feel the beauty of it and at the same hand give their artisans a better livelihood. As an addition, Pithora paintings are usually done on the walls of the mud houses either to thank God or for a wish or a boon to be granted. This concept plays a great value addition to the product and gives a sense of comfort and affection between the giver and the receiver.


  • Pithora painting


  • Wood


  • Painting,Painting/ Wall Art

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