scalability in Bamboo -

scalability in Bamboo

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Bamboo is one of flexible material, and bamboo craft acquires great adaptability because of these characteristics of the material. One of the techniques to enhance the possibilities in bamboo is split bending. This bamboo craft is one of the most contemporary practice, which designers have marked great explorations in this technique. The intention was to adapt this technique to make a simple design that functions as a daily object. The making of the module is easy to assemble, which is attained by the simple joinery of the dowel. The main base is the whole bamboo. Firstly, the base is attached, now the upper modules are attached as per requirement This is a modular design with the flexibility of making an arrangement as per the requirement of the space and showcase of product. As in the figure above the two examples are showing the same module with different arrangements



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  • Bamboo/Cane


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