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About product We all love to offer gifts wrapped in beautiful package to near and dear one’s which brings happiness, love and smile on their faces. On the other side it carrys the emotions of a person who present gift to them. Here, I have designed a gift and packaging product for the users who love to travel, read or like to sketch. The product is designed in such a way that it benefits the user in dual way in aspects of emotional and safety care. The features of this product are – 1. A handy package folder in which gifts can be kept. 2. The gifts can be snaps specially captured by / for the user for a strong connect, pen/pencil, paper flags, sanitizer and masks. 3. Easy to carry multiple items in one package. The special characteristic of this product is that the package can be reused again by the users like after using mask; users can keep small sketch book or thin novel while travelling. Even they can change the photo as per their requirement and can keep pen/pencil and small notes. To add value to the product and to keep the legacy of Indian handicraft in the modern age without losing its original techniques and skills I took the Sanjhi craft which is an ancient traditional art of stenciling from Mathura, Krishna’s hometown in Uttar Pradesh. This craft has a spiritual significance in devotion of love to lord Krishna’s. The motifs design in Sanjhi are exquisite and intricate which includes epic of Krishna and Raddha, other common motifs as peacock, tree, lotus, cow and Mughal jaalis pattern too. All these motifs are developed on paper through stencil technique which requires precision and patience. But today this craft is diminishing from society. To preserve this ancient craft, artisans are trying to mould this craft into contemporary style to get an eye of people to this craft. This love and passion towards handicraft I wish not to leave behind in today’s fast driven media. I also have an experience of work on this craft before. Therefore I applied my knowledge and experience here in designing gift and packaging product to let the user know about this beautiful craft and usage of this product too. The motifs which I used are lotus, peacock and tree. The technique applied to represent these motifs is stencil and along with this I merged embroidery and painting technique too to add modern touch along with traditional taste. * LIMITATION – 1. This prototype sample is develop with the possible resources available to get an idea of the product in terms to see the look and functionality. 2. The best suitable fabric for this product is non woven fabric or leather.


Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 8.20x0.00x0.00 Inch


  • Sanjhi


  • Cotton


  • Embroidery,Painting

About the seller

rupali vishwakarma

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