Pattachitra Tribal painting -

Pattachitra Tribal painting

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Pattachitra style of painting is a unique blend of classical and folk elements, but is more bent towards a folk style in the larger sense.Features of each character are defined with clear dark lines which give a definite shape and appeal. Natural dyes and colors are used.The background or landscape of each narrative is simple and not too detailed, since the main focus lies on the characters and their actions. Flower and leaf motifs are the common styling elements used to give a more aesthetic appeal to the art work. Traditional colors such as red, green, yellow, dark blue, white, and orange are used to define each section of the painting. Painters pour their hearts into their work, and it can be difficult to make ends meet in such a labor-intensive and competitive field. Enrich your home and feel good knowing your purchase is helping to support a local artist.

Material - Paper & Colors 

Art/Craft/Technique-  Pattachitra Painting


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Madhur Chitrakar
Madhur Huzare

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