Meenakari Elephant Decorative Showpiece -

Meenakari Elephant Decorative Showpiece

20,184 (Incl. of all taxes)

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Meenakari is an art of painting or embellishing various types of metals (gold, silver, faux, etc.) with vibrant colors in dramatic motifs of birds, flowers and leaves.The colors used for enameling are metal oxides, mixed with a dash of powdered glass. Even today, a Meenakari artefact goes through the same assembly line of craftsmen as it used to go through hundreds of years ago. The process starts with the designer (naquash), then goes to the goldsmith (sonar). It is then passed on to the engraver (kalamkar) who engraves the design, then the enamelist (meenakar) applies the colour. The artefact then goes to the polisher (ghotnawala), then the stone-setter (jadia), and finally it goes to the stringer (patua) for the final touches. If you are an avid decor lover then this spectacular and colorful Meenakari Statue is just the right piece to add an artistic and glistening punch to your interiors.

Material - Silver,Meenakari color

Technique - Meenakari

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 5.60x0.00x0.00 Inch

About the seller

Kunj Bihari Singh
Kunj bihari singh

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