Nagaland Fusion Necklace

1,950 (Incl. of all taxes)

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For Nagas, ornaments are about more than mere decoration; they help form the identity of the individual and the tribe.Nagas believe that ornaments were an important part of what defines a human. Most ornaments and motifs appearing on textiles have a specific and powerful symbolic meaning and the right to wear them is strictly governed. Women wear necklaces of polished hexagonal cornelian beads and for the wealthy, red pebbles. This necklace is made by mixed usage of brass heads and orange beads.This necklace is worn by hunters and it shows the number of heads hunted by them.

Material- Beads

Art/Craft/Technique-Nagaland ornament making

Size- 12 Inch

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Rongsen nunglap
Rongsen Nunglap

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