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Kavitha Gowthaman Tarracotta Pendent Stud set

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Terrakotta Jewellery is purely handmade.It is  basically made of Natural clay.Terrakotta Jewellery is purely natural and it balances the temperature of our body by wearing it unlike other ornaments. Hence go green by wearing terakotta Jewellery

Material-Natural Clay,Paint

Art/Craft/Technique-At the right consistency we make the designs on clay and sun dry that for 2 days and then fire like firing earthen vessels. Firing makes the ornament strong and weightless and waterproof. Then we paint it and assemble which finally comes out as adorable ornament

Size-Pendent 8cm,Stud 2cm

About the seller

Kavitha Gowthaman
Kavitha Gowthaman Artisan

Kavitha Gowthaman is an Artisan of Terracotta jewelry.

Terracotta is an Italian word which means cooked earth clay. Terracotta jewelry is one of the oldest forms of jewelry crafted in India since Harrapan civilization.Designs of terracotta jewelry are inspired by nature, animals, plants, leaves, flowers, tribal Gods or more stylish look can be given by using different shapes. Terracotta jewelry is crafted from natural earthen clay so it is skin-friendly. Nowadays in the market, it is available in numerous modern designs.

Kavitha Gowthaman makes jewelry in traditional South Indian style which is highly in demand for party and occasions.

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