Binti Assam Gale -

Binti Assam Gale

1,500 (Incl. of all taxes)

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Gale, the traditional dress from Arunachal Pradesh speaks of ethnicity and elegance. The weaving technology of Gale is location specific and gendered sensitive. The dynamics of culture, history, nature and livelihood are intermingled with weaving and wisdom of women. The designs used in dresses reflect the social and religious systems from which they emanate. Design and types of colour are drawn from everyday life, and from their ancestral history, from myths and legends.The radiant and fuller ethnic appeal of Gale can do wonders to any women’s personality and bring accolades you always yearn for.

Material- Cotton


Size- 2.5*1 meter

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Binti Maati hall
Binti Maati Haal

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