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Apan Mithila Handmade tote Bags

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The Madhubani tote bag is a vibrant and artistic accessory, inspired by the traditional Madhubani painting style from Bihar, India. It features intricate hand-painted or printed designs depicting nature, mythology, and everyday life. Made of durable materials like cotton or canvas, it showcases bold and vivid colors derived from natural sources. With sturdy handles and a spacious design, it combines fashion and culture, celebrating the talent of Madhubani artists and adding a unique touch to your outfit.


  • Madhubani painting


  • Fabric,Linen Fabric,handmade fabric,Thread and Fabric,Fabric colours on silk,Natural Fabric, Linen Fabric, Fabric, Fabric


  • Painting

About the seller

Dipti Mishra
Apan Mithila
"Apan Mithila" translates to "Our Mithila" in English. The phrase "Apan Mithila" can be used to express a sense of belonging, pride, and ownership towards the Mithila region. It reflects the cultural identity and attachment that people from the region feel towards their homeland. By using the term "Apan Mithila," individuals express a personal connection and affection for Mithila, emphasizing their shared heritage, traditions, and values. It serves as a unifying phrase that brings people from the Mithila region together, fostering a sense of community and cultural pride. Whether it's through art, language, literature, or other aspects of Mithila's cultural heritage, the phrase "Apan Mithila" encapsulates the sentiment of belonging and the deep-rooted connection that people have with their homeland.

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