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Prasad Thali

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1) Bell metal is a hard alloy used for making bells, related instruments and various utensils, etc. It is a form of bronze with a higher tin content, usually in approximately a 4:1 ratio of copper to tin (typically, 78% copper, 22% tin by mass). In India, in the state of Assam, it is called “kanh” while in West Bengal and Odisha, Kansa, it is called Kanchu in Kannada and is used for cooking and eating utensils. 2) Most Unexceptional for use at Home and Restaurant. Great and Prestigious Gift for anyone, especially on the occasion of marriage, Christmas, friendship, etc 3) SAFETY measures: It is good NOT TO TAKE curds, acidic, sour foods in any bell/bronze metal utensil. 4) CLEANING AND CARING: Wash normally with dish wash detergent every time after use. The Most Unexceptional way to keep it clean and shiny is to rub and wash it once in 15 days with raw star-fruits or raw lemon. 5) Size - Diameter - 9'' - 11'', deep - 1.5'' - 1.75'' 6) Weight - 600 grams to 900 grams 7) minimum order of 50 pieces acceptable

Dimension Unit (LxWxH)

  • 9.00x11.00x1.50 Inch


  • Bell Metal work,Kansa,Kansa Metal Work,Bell Metal Works


  • Bell Metal


  • Handmade

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Bibekananda Karmakar

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