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Lakshmeesh Artistry is a brand that empowers Women Artisans in rural area of Moradabad, providing them skilled training of Handicrafts Goods for their sustained Employment. This is the first time in the history of Brass City (Moradabad) Lakshmeesh Artistry is making a Revolution to Handicrafts goods as Hamycrafts.



  • Metal engraving,Brass,Brassware,Copper ware,Indsustrial Design


  • Copper,Brass,Iron,METALS


  • Carving,Casting,Coating,Dyeing,Metal Joining,Moulding,Handmade ,Manufacturing , Handcrafted

About the seller

Rimjhim Khandelwal
Lakshmeesh Artistry
Lakshmeesh Artistry is a brand that brings out the revolution to Handicrafts goods in the new form of Hamycrafts at Moradabad and that to empowers women Artisans in rural areas and providing them with sustained employment. We make all types of Brass/Metal/Aluminum handcrafted goods. This is first time in Brass City history where new technology has been introduced that is- Hand+Machine Made= Hamycrafts by Women's.
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