All Natural Smoked Lemon lime Chilli Garlic Himalayan Pink Salt -

All Natural Smoked Lemon lime Chilli Garlic Himalayan Pink Salt

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All of our smoked salts are cold-smoked with untreated wood—no artificial flavors or colors added. Sprinkle over griddled meat and vegetables to add a richer, wood-smoked flavour or try using as a rub for corn or meats before barbecuing.It is a must have for garlic lovers, is an easy and delicious way to add a robust flavor to your favorite dish. Simply sprinkle to taste on chicken, fish or vegetables before, during or after cooking Contains no added colour preservative or MSG

About the seller

Arjun Kapur
Artisan Palate
Artisan Palate was started with the motive of providing the most delicious constituents that are obtained and made through nature and are completely natural without any synthetic ingredients. We are providing a vast range of items - Salt , Pink Salt , Himalayan Salt, Demerara Sugar, Taco Mix , Seasoning Mix, Sauce etc. We promise you that these ingredients will last forever in your mouth leaving an everlasting taste.

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