COLONIAL PEAFOWL gond art hand painted cotton Reusable Mask/4 Layer Breathable /With Nosepin/Lab tested Antimicrobial/Antiviral/Coolit™/Handmade -

COLONIAL PEAFOWL gond art hand painted cotton Reusable Mask/4 Layer Breathable /With Nosepin/Lab tested Antimicrobial/Antiviral/Coolit™/Handmade

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THE COLONIAL PEAFOWL is a reusable mask that is made out of the soft cotton fabric to fit all sizes. This mask exhibits beautiful paintings of colonial peafowl in the Gond artform. The Dome shape of this mask provides a higher resistance to the invisible pollutants thus granting paramount protection. // GOND ART HAND PAINTED MASK // We have created a mask that can be reused up to 30 washes. This mask comes with elastic earloops and a toggle that can be used to adjust the straps for a snug fit. This four-layered mask ensures complete protection and comfort to all skin types. The outermost two layers are made out of superfine cotton. The mask festoons the Gond art form which is substantially connected to intricate natural designs. The artwork painted on this mask showcases tales from the Gond Tribes. The color palate of Gond artwork is inspired by natural elements like tree sap, charcoal, leaves, and flowers. The mask has not only the touch of nature but , its also compatible with our Mask Buddy Initiative.The shape of this mask is designed in a manner to ensure complete facial coverage with paramount protection. The layout ensures that the mask is breathable yet secured at the same time. The design makes it easy to wear with low heat build-up thus enabling easy facial movements. // UNIQUE FEATURES // *This mask has a multi-layered protection line-up that filters almost 95% of the microbes. It is also integrated with 3 patented finishes: Coolit, Anti-viral, and Anti-microbial. *this mask fits all sizes, all gender, and all skin types. *The inner most layer is curated with finest cotton non-dyed fabric as it comes in direct contact with the user's face. *This mask comes with an adjustable yet sturdy nose pin that provides a snug fit to the wearer and also minimizes fogging of the eyewear. *With high resistance to dust particles and pollutants, this mask can be used for up to 30 washes. *This mask comes with super soft elastic earloops that provide a soft grip and can be adjusted as per comfort. *This mask is pre-washed, sterilized, and is supplied in a sealed pouch completely ready to use. *After a subsequent washing cycle, the contour of this mask will befit. *The mask is compatible with our Mask Buddy so that you don't have to worry about storing it while you are not using it. *The mask has been successfully tested in SGS Chennai, BTS Mumbai, TUVSUD Gurugram, and Ganesh Labs Delhi.// CARING YOUR AIRLIT MASK // *After every wear, wash your mask with mild detergent and make sure you do not bleach. *The optimum water temperature for washing is 40°C. *Be gentle with rubbing of the inner and outer layer. Rinse well and do not wring hard. *Dry it on a flat surface where there is shade and avoid damp ambience. *Although this mask can be reused up to 30 washes normal wear and tear might be seen after 10 washes. *Iron if required taking special caution of the elastic portion. Excessive heat might damage the in-lined filters. // DISCLAIMERS // *This mask is specifically for personal use and it is recommended to avoid wearing it at a stretch for more than 6 hours. *This mask comes with certain breath resistance and hence is not recommended for kids below 6 years and elderly above 80 years. *This mask is specifically crafted for civilians and lifestyle purposes and is prevented for medical uses. *our team of designers & technicians work tirelessly to amend products keeping in mind care & comfort for you, so ,you might feel some changes in products compared to listed here , which is result of same . * in hand painted styles , due to complete manual process , figures , colours & patterns will never be uniform in same style & might differ from product you view here , which is due to same reason . Every product is unique and that’s the beauty of a handmade product.


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