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Supra Wedding

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Supra Wedding

Handcrafting a sustainable wedding

When an Indian business family wanted to push the envelope of the grand Indian wedding by making it sustainable, creative and impactful, it appointed Direct Create to envision the wedding. With a quest to revive the arts and timeless techniques of yesteryears and to produce fashion inspired by royalty yet fit for the 21st century style, Direct Create conceptualized and created a customized, theme-based wedding which offered a unique amalgamation of ancient craft forms from across India with contemporary design and lifestyle.

Local and international collaborations created the journey of this project and generated both tangible and intangible impact. It created opportunities for thousands of artisans and; encouraged community exchange, creative development, more rooted and long term engagement with the varied arts and crafts of India. As Direct Create brought together international artists and local artisans for this project, it facilitated collaboration by creating a transfer of ideas across continents. Direct Create converted the hand painted design of the designer to line art which was then used by pattachitra artists to create the pattachitra panel which could be used as a wall hanging. This way, the invitation became timeless and contributed to the artistic development of local artisans.

Technology integration through the DC network:

he artisans who were involved in this project were/will be integrated to the Direct Create platform for enhancement of opportunities and collaborations in the future. Direct Create is making the dated process of art discovery and buying much easier and quicker with a number of players embracing a digital-first approach to sell art.
Pattachitra Artists from Raghurajpur:

This project generated a 3-month work opportunity for 80 families in Raghurajpur, Odisha. The total number of artisans involved were over 200 in number. Teams were lead by Master artists who supervised the young apprentices.

Wood-Brass and Laquer work from Muradabad:

More than 550 artisans made 2600 lacquered wooden boxes in Moradabad, U.P. These included the brass workers, woodcarvers and leatherwork artisans.


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