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Soundscapes: Nature in Music


Soundscapes: Nature in Music

Healing Mind, Body and Nature with Music

Experience the enchanting blend of Indian and Western music in 'Soundscapes: Nature in Music.' Four gifted musicians from different continents converge to create a harmonious symphony inspired by the serene beauty of natural ecosystems. Join us on this journey of healing the mind, body, and nature through the transformative power of music.


Key Points

In the heart of every listener lies an unexplored world of emotions, waiting to be awakened by the power of music. We are thrilled to introduce to you 'Soundscapes', an inspiring project that transcends boundaries, cultures, and continents, promising to touch not just your ears but your very soul.

Drawing inspiration from the serene intertidal ecosystem of the Wadden Sea and the mystical allure of the Tso Kar wetland complex in Leh, 'Soundscapes' is a symphony of harmony, love, beauty, and creativity. This initiative bridges continents, bringing together accomplished musicians and visionary designers to create a multisensory experience that celebrates the unspoken dialogue between Man and Nature.

This unique project unites four gifted musicians from two continents, each bringing their distinct musical heritage to the ensemble. Their shared passion for their instruments and deep reverence for Mother Nature is the foundation of this collaboration.

Conceived by Direct Create in collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Delhi, these artists embarked on a residency in the breathtaking Himalayas. Over a week, a percussionist, a sarod player, a soprano saxophone player, and a pianist, each from different musical worlds, converged to create something extraordinary.

The willingness to go out of one’s comfort zone, to open their ears to listen to each other and then together trying to create new and true music, has been an enormous thrill for these musicians. The result is an original and exciting fusion of Indian and western music that will enchant you.

Join us in this unique celebration of music, nature, and human connection. Let 'Soundscapes' be the guide on your emotive journey, opening doors to new realms of perception and feeling. Welcome to a new-age sound odyssey, where every note is a step closer to the essence of life itself.

The Team

Frank Bilsen . Lead Composer & Musician, The Netherlands
Julien Perez . France
Karan Chitra Deshmukh . India
Debasmita Bhattacharya . India
India Hosts
Sheela Lunkad . Director, Direct Create
Rajeev Lunkad . Director, Direct Create
The Netherlands Host
Theo Groothuizen . Director, Groothuizen Beheer


Neela Venkatraman


Direct Create Pvt Ltd


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