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Collaborate for Crafts vertical

How to DC

Collaborate for Crafts vertical

Write an article covering the story of the craft, the maker communities involved in the entire crafting process and the innovative practices that keep the craft alive. You can cover this in about 500 words, although we would not mind publishing more elaborate articles. Share a creative and concise title for the same. Don't forget to add a few great pictures

Kindly ensure that the images are owned solely by you, to avoid any copyright infringement issues.
1 banner image - 1200 x 600 pixels
5 showcase images - 600 x 600 pixels
Mail the entire contents - the article and images, with details of all the contributors to

Ensure that your email contains all of these in the attachment - 
Detailed article (Word or PDF)
Images (jpg or png; separately attached)

If the attachment size exceeds 25 MB size, add the link to the shareable drive in the mail.


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