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  • Experience23 Years
  • Awards- Impact Hero 2022 Finalists by Earth Company - 1st runner up UN Women 2021 Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards in the SME Champion Category - SME Champion for Leadership Commitment at the 2021 Women Empowerment Principles Awards by UN WOMEN Indonesia
  • Annual TurnoverLess than 5 Lac
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TORAJAMELO (which means "Beautiful Toraja" in the local Torajanese dialect spoken in the highlands of South Sulawesi, where the brand originated from) is an ethical-slow-lifestyle brand that collaborates with female backstrap loom weavers from Indigenous rural communities of Indonesia. Our aim is to offer them market access for decent livelihoods, while simultaneously preserving and sustaining the cultural heritage of weaving and minimizing negative impact to the environment through the production processes. We now work with around 1.100+ women weavers in Toraja and Mamasa in the Sulawesi Island; Soe, Maubesi, and Oesena in the Timor Island (Nusa Tenggara Timur/East Flores). All of our products are crafted from beautiful hand-woven cloth pieces from their indigenous geographical origin, which transform into sustainable and slow fashion, modern pieces. TORAJAMELO minimizes waste as much as possible by using fabric cutoffs for accessories or small gifts. We use natural fibres for weaving and reusable/recyclable/biodegradable packaging, making us a plant-based business. TORAJAMELO is a firm follower of the following UN SDGs: 1 (No Poverty), 5 (Gender Equality), 12 (Responsible consumption and production) and 13 (Climate Action).

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Backstrap Weaving

We work with +1200 weavers across different age groups to preserve and rejuvenate the indigenous heritage of backstrap loom weaving. Till date, we have preserved 27 indigenous motifs and revived 4.


Natural Dyes

TORAJAMELO is continuously improving its sustainable practices by sourcing natural materials, reducing waste, working with local suppliers, and heading towards developing a local circular economy.


Eco-Dyeing , hand woven

Tenun is an artful native Indonesian technique of making a fabric by weaving different colors of threads using traditional looms.


Stories of Women who Make our Work Worthwhile

Meri Pagapong is a daugher, mother, sister and the sole breadwinner of her family. Read to learn how she providers for her family through her craft of weaving.


  • Toraja

  • Toraja is a beautiful mountainous area in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. We have trained around 250 weavers in Toraja. A weavers cooperative “Sa’dan Siangkaran” was established in 2015. Their products are sold in the local markets and to TORAJAMELO.

  • Mamasa

  • Mamasa is the only area in Indonesia, where the weavers create beautiful tablet weaving. A cooperative with around 350 members was established in February 2018. They sell their weaving in the local markets and to TORAJAMELO.

    Our Products

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    Notebook A5 New Vegan - Blue
    Notebook A5 New Vegan - Red White
    Coin Case Kulit (Leather) - Grey
    Coin Case Kulit (Leather) - Brown
    Slim Wallet - Red White
    Slim Wallet - Black White
    Key Chain Palawa - Black
    Key Chain Palawa - Brown
    Pencil Case - Green
    Pencil Case - Brown
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