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Vidhu Dwivedi

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I, Vidhu Dwivedi am a passionate versatile designer; fascinated to explore creative designs that are innovative in functionality and excel in form to solve surrounding problems we as humans face. Also, for aesthetic aspects, I enjoy taking inspiration for my designs. Born in Uttar Pradesh and studying in several states of India, I was provided ample opportunity to interact with different kind of people, and learn things in an amazing environment. This allowed me to gain a wider perception of the world, understanding the importance of cross pollination between various disciplines and consequently influence my design thinking. Having interest in different design fields along with product design, I have developed a set of skills to handle a wide range of materials. Exploring different places and culture excites and inspires me to do better bit by bit. At this stage I wish to explore the versatility in craft based product design by working on varied products.



Our products that are reflective of our unique approach to handle plastic waste with an attitude of respect. Our proposition is to build-up gratitude towards elements of nature and the goods produced.


Wood, METALS, Recyled Plastic




Eco Pots

The art of Marbling is inspiration for the Eco pots collection at SCRAP WRAP. The flow and the richness of colors, happening compositions and the celebratory joy of the art comes across this range. Each pot of this collection is unique, meaning that the color composition of two pots will never exactly alike as it is the main identity of traditional marbling technique. Eco pots are made of 100% recycled HDPE, which is segregated from the household waste of Delhi.

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