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Abhimanyu Kumar

Abhimanyu kumar

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A hardworking self motivated person with good technical skills and adaptability. I enjoy designing ,research and perspective that strengthens my creativity executed through presentation ability. With leadership qualities, I tend to be a good and dedicated team player


Sikki craft

Sikki crafts are various handicrafts that are made from a special kind of grass known as sikki found in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India. The art of making items from sikki grass is an ancient one in t


Sikki grass

Sikki grass is grown in the wet and marshy area around the rivers and pounds in North Bihar. It is grown in the area of heavy rainfall. This golden grass is usually collected by Harijans in the rain



1 CUTTING The sikki grass is cut from the base and is kept for drying for few days.The flowering part of the stem of sikki is not used for crafts making, so it is discarded and the remaining portion


Sikki Craft

Sikki is the king of stemmed grass found in the wet lands of the north Bihar. The women collect Sikki-grass from the village farms. The upper portion of the stem, which contains flowers, is discarded and the remaining portion cut into small pieces and preserved for making attractive sikki ware. To make the Sikki grass usable it is first cut from near its base and then dried. The upper portion of the flowering stem is then pruned. The remaining portion is finely sliced and shaved and used for making the products. Munj grass, a locally available much cheaper grass, is used to give structural strength – to form the core of the rim and edges of most products, around which the sikki grass is woven. Baskets crafted out of Munj grass are a part of the living tradition of the state and have multiple uses, including the storage of food, clothing, and jewellery. Munj grass, pale lemon in colour, grows wild, and is strong and durable.

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Sudhira Davi

She is a National Awardee for her excellence in work belonging from jhankarpur of Madhubani, bihar. she have been practising this art since 30 years Age : 43 Gender : Female Education : Secondary Family : 5 Member Language : Maithili, Hindi Phone : +91- 9709809253 Address : Village Post, Raiyam Block - Jhanjharpur (Madhbani) Aadhaar No: 6450 9517 5359


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