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Gatisha Sapre


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  • Experience3 Years
  • AwardsFeatured on Packaging Of the World website 3rd Prize in Dfest challenge (Design For Women Safety )
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I am a product designer who believes that design thinking liberates your mind and helps gain a better perspective of the world around you. The progression of design from its stage of conception right to its execution is a beautiful metamorphosis. Over the years I have learned to be observant, and empathetic and have become a passive thinker, determined to learn and seek from what the journey has to offer. My strengths are research, conceptualization, CAD modelling and prototyping

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CAD design, Indsustrial Design, Product design


Paper, MDF, Plastic, Wood


Handcrafted, illustration, Wood and Metal work, Wood Joinery, Wood Turning



Most of the vomit bags currently available in the market are not easy to open and use in times of emergency. The bags are not sturdy enough, which along with a bad sealing mechanism, can lead to spillage of vomit. They are not easy to hold while vomiting and holding them incorrectly, might lead to the bag slipping out of hands. Today most people use plastic bags which are not bio-degradable and generally end up in landfills. The aim was to provide a solution to make the journey of a car traveler clean and pleasant, by making spewing, handling, and disposing of vomit caused due to motion sickness, more convenient. The form of the frame provides a firm grip over the bag while vomiting. The bag is sealed away from any contamination between 2 sheets of peelable stick


Gola Wala

A packaging solution for an Indian local ice gola brand- ‘Golawala’, which elevates the experience of eating gola. For a very long time, gola has been served in a normal PET glass, which does not do justice to the form and vibrancy of gola. Since the syrup does not coat the Gola, the user keeps on adding more and more syrup, which is ultimately thrown away. Our packaging solution caters to these problems, by introducing a horizontal-oriented clamshell. Made out of PET , the ‘Golawala’ packaging can be mass manufactured using thermoforming , therefore making it afforable .


Art deco clock

Brief -To design a lifestyle product drawing inspiration from any art movements or handicrafts from around the world . It is a wall clock inspired by art deco movement .It takes inspiration from the geometric and radiating shapes which are prominent in the art deco , art movement. The color material and finish also resembles the type of artwork , architecture prevalent during that era.

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