Zahid Hussain Beigh

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Zahid Hussain Beigh


  • GenderMale
  • Experience20 Years
  • Awardsnational award 2015 state award
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While creating his National Award-Winning entry, Zahid Hussain Beigh claims to have lost count of time. What drove him to produce this wonderful work of art is unknown, but one thing is certain: the end result was spectacular! Mr. Beigh's art has a charm that makes it instantly likable - much like its creator - and is driven by the goal to produce pieces that transcend country and culture. His dishes, lamps, and boxes are infused with the etheral beauty of his homeland and people. He is a master of the shadowing technique that he devised and practices exclusively, making his paper mache absolutely unequaled. His only hope is that his art form receives global recognition and that his patrons understand the value of his work.

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Handmade paper, Paper mache, Paper mache mask, Paper Products

"Paper Mache," also spelled as "Papier-mâché," is an artistic technique that involves the use of paper pulp or torn pieces of paper mixed with adhesive, such as glue or starch, to create various objec


Paper, Handmade Paper, Matte paper, Paper mache, Paper/ Canvas


Paper mache

Paper mache is an art and crafting technique that involves creating objects using a mixture of paper pulp or strips and adhesive. The process typically starts by forming a base structure using materia


paper Mache Hand painted Tray

The paper mache hand-painted tray is a beautifully crafted decorative piece that combines the art of paper mache with intricate hand-painted designs. This tray is typically made using layers of paper pulp mixed with adhesive and molded into a durable and lightweight form. Skilled artisans then painstakingly hand-paint intricate patterns, motifs, or scenic designs onto the surface, creating a visually stunning and unique piece of art.


paper Mache Hand painted table lamp

The Paper Mache Hand-Painted Table Lamp is a unique and artistic lighting fixture that showcases the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. It is crafted using paper mache, a versatile material made from recycled paper and adhesive, which is molded into the lamp's elegant and captivating shape.


paper Mache Hand painted table vase

The Paper Mache Hand Painted Table Vase is a stunning and unique decorative piece that combines traditional craftsmanship with artistic flair. Made from eco-friendly paper mache material, the vase is carefully molded into an elegant and versatile design, suitable for use as a table centerpiece or a standalone decorative accent.


paper Mache Hand painted Coasters

Paper Mache Hand Painted Coasters are a creative and artistic addition to your home decor. These coasters are made using the traditional paper mache technique, where layers of paper are pasted together with adhesive to create a sturdy base. The result is a lightweight yet durable coaster with a unique texture and character.


paper Mache Hand painted box

The paper mache hand-painted box is a unique and artistic storage item made using the traditional paper mache technique. It is created by layering pieces of paper with a paste-like mixture of glue or starch to form a sturdy structure. Once the paper mache box is molded into the desired shape and allowed to dry, skilled artisans meticulously hand-paint intricate designs, patterns, or images on its surface.

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