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Wood Block Making
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Wood Block Making


The custom of making hand-printed textures is widely practised in Rajasthan and is marked by the use of engravings of symmetrical and highly intricate floral and animal forms. There are certain clusters that have skilled expertise in making the required blocks for doing the block printing. These follow a specific grammar, which consists of a lead block known as the Rekh, the Datta or the foreground filler block and the Gadh or the background or blotch block. The strength of the blocks from Jaipur is the profundity and intricate nature of the cutting, which takes into consideration a cleaner texture and clearer printing.

Additionally, what is impossible to miss about Jaipuri blocks is the quantity of air entries, or pavansar, bored through the block to guarantee a course of air in the block during theprinting along these lines, and also keeping the texture from lifting when the block is raised.

Because of its intrinsic quality, blocks made of sheesham wood may last through 200 meters of printing and are by and large used for the patterns or Rekh blocks. Because of the expensive nature of teak wood, it is bit by bit being replaced by less expensive woods like Roheda and Bhujan. The cut Rekh or layout blocks incorporate the minutest details of the pattern, including the veins of the leaves and individual petals.




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