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Warli art


The Warli tribe, living in, and around Thane district of Maharashtra, are known for the hallowed pictographs they paint on the walls of their unassuming huts during wedding rituals. Palaghata, the mother goddess of trees, and plants symbolizing the original, and ethereal energy, is the central subject of such Warli paintings.

Originating around 3000 BC, the visual power of the Warli painting is accomplished through line drawings of numerous, tiny human forms occupied in daily activities like hunting, dancing, or cultivating land. Our Craftsman have received recognition throughout the globe, and in these past years, the medium of Warli paintings has been reassigned to paper, and cloth layered with cow dung paste, which fabricates the  distinguishing natural, and subtle background with the leitmotifs painted white.

Craftsman explains, “The clan has been using fundamental materials for painting, like rice paste with water, and gum for the white paint, along with a bamboo stick that has been chewed on thoroughly that serves as a brush, and creates these cyclical patterns with oodles of rustic charm.” The paintings not only pull the strings of your heart but also tell a tale of an era gone by.




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