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Uppada Silk


Uppada silk is named after a little seashore town of Uppada in the East Godavari neighbourhood of Andhra Pradesh. Otherwise called Uppada Pattu (Silk in Telugu), Uppada silk saris are produced using the well-established Jamdani technique. Known for their unique structures, the saris are generally made with cotton warp. Utilizing just non-mechanical systems, Uppada silk saris are characterized by the length and breadth count of threads.

The length count of threads is 100 and the breadth count is 100 in the weaving process. The craftsmen additionally utilize a lot of zari work in the wonderful patterns of Uppada silk saris.

To comprehend the historical background of Uppada silk, one needs to initially understand the journey of the Jamdani weaving method. After a decline in the 19th century because of the Industrial Revolution in England, Jamdani saw a moderate resurgence in the 20th century.

From that point, the technique of Jamdani was introduced in Uppada in the year 1988, where it consolidated patterns that were closely related to the traditions of neighbouring region Andhra Pradesh. Despite everything, it took around ten years for the Uppada silk saris to get the due acknowledgment and the fame it enjoys now.




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