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Quilting / Dohar
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Quilting / Dohar


The Jaipuri quilt is unique for both its artistic looks as well as its functionality. These quilts are handmade and it involves skills related to textile-making, cotton carding, quilting and voile making. These quilts are known for being incredibly soft, delicate, light and warm.

The unique aspect of the quilts comes from the process of carding by which the cotton is prepared so that it can be used as a filling for the quilt. The worker makes use of two carders. These carders are basically convex-shaped paddles which are covered with minutely sized teeth.

As the carding finishes, the dross of the cotton gets exposed. Once removed, what’s left behind is soft and delicate fibres of pure cotton. To put this in perspective, a 2.2-pound cotton bale, carded for a week, results in just 100gms of cotton. A single quilt takes six meters and a double quilt requires 11 meters of cloth. A lot of hard work goes into creating these amazing pieces of craftsmanship.


Voile, Mulmul and Cotton


Carding and Quilting
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