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Panja dhurrie
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Panja dhurrie


Like everything else about this diverse country, each region has a floor covering suited to its needs. The particular combination of employing a weaving technique, weft material, pattern stylisation, choice of motifs and colors used in different areas creates several interesting kinds of dhurries (light woven rugs).

Panja dhurries are one-of-a-kind rugs that are famous for their high quality, sturdiness and long lasting nature. These dhurries are hand woven and the design is perfected with the use of the Panja, a metallic claw-like tool used to beat and set the threads in the warp. Mostly made from cotton and wool, jute is also used sometimes in the making of these rugs. The looms are very crude in nature and are manually operated. The complicated designs are identical on both sides because of the Panja. Usually the process of making a 5ft x 3ft. dhurrie takes about 15 days.

The most common design is the Leheriya, a wave-like pattern common even in Rajasthan’s tie and dye process. Earlier, the patterns were much more elaborate and adorned the floors of the palaces. Animals and flowers were mostly used, along with geometric patterns to create complex designs.




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