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Mohra Metal Work
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Mohra Metal Work


Metal works is an art form that is hundreds of years old and which is still well known in Himachal Pradesh by the name Mohra. Mohra metal work depicts deities like Lord Shiva who are normally found in Kullu and Chamba. The metal art form typically refers to the novel pieces of jewellery arranged by the master metal work craftsmen. Many of the doors of temples in this region are crafted with the metal. Buddhists are especially fond of this art and use it in their monasteries. 

The materials used to manufacture Mohra metals may change from area to area or from town to town in Himachal Pradesh. In general, metals or materials that are utilized in making Mohra metal work incorporates gold, silver, metal, bronze, mercury, copper, iron, tin and chime metal.

The life of the Himachal Pradesh people is highly determined by the religious beliefs and rules where the worship process is very expandable. To revere the deities requires a few objects or materials made with metals like copper, tin, etc. Mohra contains copper, tin, metal, ringer metal and iron. Despite the shining statues, there are many objects which are made using the art form like lamps, bells, musical instruments, and vessels.




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