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Leheriya or Leheria is a simple style of tie and dye from the region of Rajasthan, India. Generally seen in brilliant hues, it has an exceptionally unmistakable striped pattern. Literally translating to ‘wave-like’, Lehariya symbolizes the one-of-a-kind and rich outfit legacy of Rajasthan. Leheriya was imagined in the 19th century and has been a coveted choice in the clothing and embellishments industry since then. Even within the domain of tie and dye, Leheriya is one of the most widely recognized designs.

“It is the dyer’s remarkable ability that paints magic onto simple cotton or silk fabric. The fabric maker makes use of an exceptional strategy known as resist-dyeing. The fabric that is utilized in the process is of a lighter shading, for the most part in cotton, silk, chiffon or georgette. The material is tied and dyed to the point that when opened post-colouring, there is a striped pattern made on the fabric with shading on each substitute stripe.”

Generally, craftsmen would tie and dye it in five distinct hues to get the coveted pattern in different tones. Natural shades are used initially and completed with indigo for shades of blue, while Alizarin is used for the tones of red in the later stages.




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