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Kota Weaving
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Kota Weaving


Many villages encompassing the areas Kota, Bundi and Baran in the territory of Rajasthan are engaged with the creation of the Kota Doria fabric. The highest number of craftsmen are situated in the town of Kaithun, found around 15 kilometres from Kota. Towns like Kotsuwan, Siswali, Mangrol and Sarnsan are likewise the centre points of Kota Doria weaving. It is the pit looms, which can be effectively acquired by the general population of these towns, that are put to use for weaving.

A large number of craftsmen belong to the Muslim Ansari community and are believed to have moved to Kota from Mysore, because of the support they got from the imperial patronage of Rajasthan. “At first, Kota Doria textiles were used just as headgear for sovereignty, yet with the progression of time, the use of this fabric for saris increased as it became seen as auspicious during festivities. The Oswal community was the first to use Kota Doria textiles for saris.”

The weaving of Kota Doria is a family-owned process in these towns – each family has at least one traditional pit loom. In spite of the fact that all individuals take an interest, the weaving process is taken care of by the ladies of the house, as opposed to other fine textiles like Benarasi brocade.





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